Inside the Insurance Industry – 3rd Edition


Author: Kevin L. Glaser
Publisher: Right Side Creations, LLC
BISAC Subject/Audience Information:
BUS033070BUSINESS & ECONOMICS/Insurance/Risk
Assessment & Management

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Kevin L. Glaser, CPCU, CIC, SCLA, ARM, AAI, AIC, ARM-P, AIS has been involved in the insurance industry for over 30 years. He has worked in various insurance company staff positions, including underwriting and claims, and currently serves as a national consultant, risk manager, insurance coverage course instructor and expert witness on insurance-related issues. With his book, Inside The Insurance Industry-Third Edition, Glaser uses his in-depth knowledge of the industry to explore truths and myths involving insurance.

He shares what the insurance industry is really like—including how to get through the industry jargon to get the best deal for your insurance dollar, and what agents and brokers aren’t telling you. This revised third edition contains expanded content in most chapters, including factors affecting the price of insurance and how to get the best deal for yourself, litigation related information and a comparison of the insurance industry to the automobile industry. Also new to this edition is an index and easier-to-read book formatting.


  1. C. Ashbacher says:

    5 starEven though I can read my way through many obscure and complex subjects such as mathematics and philosophy written by philosophers, I seem incapable of reading more than the first few pages of an insurance policy. The writing seems designed to so dull the mind that no member of the consuming public will be able to read it, thereby disguising all of the “get out of jail free” cards that the insurer has planted within the policy. This is not the case with Inside the Insurance Industry by Kevin L. Glaser. While Glaser does not quite climb the hill of making all of that understandable, he does manage to do a great deal of explaining in a manner that can be understood by nearly anyone. He explains the role of all the players in the marketing and managing of insurance, specifically why costs for a common product can vary and how prices for insurance should be set.

    Although he does voice some criticism of the industry, Glaser is not an insurance company basher; he understands and explains the valuable role that insurance plays in modern societies. Furthermore, he also points out some of the areas where insurance companies often fail to do all of what they should for their customers. A short and effective explanation of how insurance must be a part of your everyday life as well as a peek behind the scenes, this is an excellent primer on the role and occasional failings of insurance in our lives. While it is an industry that is easy to criticize, it is essential to avoid complete catastrophe when something goes wrong.

  2. A. Aldawood says:

    I recently moved to an insurance company as an internal auditor (after working for PwC for couple of years as external and internal auditor) and I was looking for a book which explains the basic concepts of insurance as well as the different departments of an insurance company and its interaction with each other. Honestly, I couldn’t find a better book in the market than inside the insurance industry-3rd edition! It is an excellent easy to read book.

    Thanks Kevin for sharing your knowledge with us!

  3. The Claims Lady says

    Great book. Really gets to the heart of what an insurance is selling to the public. Must read over & over.

  4. B. Petterle says

    Great overview of the insurance industry. Accessible to the non-insurance reader, but detailed enough to be of value to those experienced in the insurance business. A solid, informative read which I have no reservations in recommending.

  5. Dorus from the Netherlands says

    I wanted to know more about the inner workings of an insurance company. This book gives a great overview and protects you from the major pitfalls when buying insurance products.

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