The RISC Analyzer©™ Software

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The RISC Analyzer©™ (RA) helps to identify specific personal or business risk exposures to uncover potential gaps in your current insurance and risk management situation. Unless you avoid risks, or transfer risks through the purchase of insurance, you are on the hook when an occurrence takes place – and that can cost you money. Such out-of-pocket losses may be significant and can have a tremendous negative impact on your financial situation. The RA asks probing questions to evoke thoughtful consideration in areas such as unaddressed exposures that you may have, allowing you to take appropriate actions before it is too late.

Please Note: Depending on your needs, our RISC Analyzer©™ licensing is available for personal program access, business program access, or can include access to both of these programs.



The RISC Analyzer©™ is a tool to assess risks, to protect assets, and to provide peace of mind. This software is simple to use but results in a highly effective way to help protect you from the adverse impact of inadequate property and casualty insurance protection. The RA was created by Kevin L. Glaser, CPCU, CIC, SCLA, ARM, AAI, AIC, ARM-P, AIS, based upon decades of experience in claims, underwriting, risk management, litigation support and consulting. Mr. Glaser’s knowledge helps you find areas where your financial well-being may be in jeopardy due to failure to properly protect valuable property, or as a result of unaddressed exposures to legal liabilities.

Regardless of the property and casualty insurance agent writing your insurance policies, it is prudent for you to take matters into your own hands to determine areas where additional attention is necessary in your existing insurance program. You can then discuss these areas with your insurance agent to determine if changes to your insurance protection are necessary. Or, you can decide to accept risks rather than to transfer them to an insurer. Regardless, unless risks are identified you are unable to make a decision to retain a risk, transfer it, or to take another action that is appropriate for your situation. It’s the unintentional risk retention’s that can be financially devastating.

The RISC Analyzer is available nationwide through financial advisor firms. It is also available to be purchased directly from Right Side Creations by individuals and businesses. And, while we intend to offer the RA throughout the USA in the future, it is not currently available to individuals who reside in, or to businesses that are located in, the following states:
– AZ, AL, AK, CO, DC, HI, IA, IL, LA, MA, MD, MS, NM, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT and WA.

What can you expect from the RA? It’s not realistic to identify all risk exposures for individuals and businesses in every situation. But the RA does provide expanded risk considerations beyond what is typically offered by insurance companies and insurance agencies. And finding and addressing just one significant exposure gap can justify your time and money spent on the RA.

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