I am fascinated by Tompall Glaser but could never find much information about him or his music… this book solved that! This book is written extremely well by Kevin Glaser and is not one sided in anyway. Letters from Tompall’s army days made me feel quite sad and gave me a totally different view of Tompall. I have always believed he was the most underrated country singer we have known and could never understand why he never made it as big as Waylon and Willie. From reading this book it has opened my eyes more to what Tompall actually did for country music and helping others singers with their music, breaking down barriers and standing up for other musicians. Basically, put others music before his own. Stories from hillbilly central are very informative and amusing to read, you get to know what the Great Tompall was really like, good and bad.

Towards the end of the book stories from his touring days in England are described in great detail giving a more private side to Tompall. I still find it hard to believe the County Music Hall of Fame has not yet recognized Tompall and using the address given in the back of the book I will be contacting them with my opinions. If you love Tompall’s music as I do this book is a total gem for your collection. If you have never heard of him track down some CDs or vinyl and enjoy his beautiful voice. I listen to Tompall’s music every day and am delighted I have this wonderful book in my Tompall collection.

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