Don’t miss this book! It takes you on the journey of the life of the Great Tompall Glaser. Sadly, and unfairly, he has all but been forgotten in country music history. He was maybe the best country music ballad singer ever. This book shows us he was much more than just that. Glaser Sound Studios (Hillbilly Central) was the birthplace of the “Outlaw Revolution” in Nashville in the ’70’s. This book takes you inside that 24/7 studio and all the music magic that was made there. You will see that Tompall meant so much to so many musicians and singers.

It is clear that Tompall Glaser should have been a HUGE star, and a household name as much as Waylon and Willie. The book makes it clear as well that he has earned his place in the CMA Hall Of Fame. (What’s the hold up?) Of particular interest is the inclusion of the very personal and private poem Tompall wrote about the end of his friendship with Waylon. It was heartbreaking. Although written by Tompall’s nephew, the book is not at all one sided. Kevin was very fair and exposed Tompall’s “warts”. They were all part of what made up The Great Tompall Glaser. If you are like me, a “crazed” Tompall fan, treat yourself to this book. If you “never heard of him” find some of his music SOMEWHERE, listen to his unique and amazing voice, fall in love with his talent, and read this book. You won’t be sorry, and I promise you will become a fan. Well done, Kevin Glaser.

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